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      David Male is a London based garden designer, plantsman and horticulturalist who has been creating and nurturing gardens professionally for 20 years.


      After developing a fascination for plants, gardens and landscapes as a child, David's initial training was in art and design at Wimbledon School of Art and Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication). He concentrated on the disciplines of theatre design (three-dimensional design, creating mood and atmosphere, lighting) and textile design (composition, texture and colour).

      He later combined these skills with an extensive plant and gardening knowledge after completing his studies with The Royal Horticultural Society in 2002.


      David encourages a holistic view of how a garden fits into the wider context of the city, town or countryside it sits in: encouraging an organic and sustainable approach to gardening wherever possible.


      He believes passionately in the definition of horticulture as being the ART, the SCIENCE and the CRAFT of gardening. Having an understanding of the way in which plants live and grow enables him to produce planting schemes that are not only beautiful in terms of colour, texture and composition but also constitute the right plant in the right place. The continuing craft of making the garden flourish is also based on sound experience.

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